Su - Elokuu 8, 2004

Coming back

Everything must end. We are now back home unpacking and adjusting to normal life.

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To - Elokuu 5, 2004


We spent last three days in Bergen before heading back home. We did some diving there and found out that the waters outside Bergen offer excellent diving.

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Ma - Elokuu 2, 2004

Faroe Islands

We spent three days on the Faroe Islands while Norröna was visiting Denmark. We arrived in the middle of the Faroese national day festivals and found out that there are some serious partying going on in the small remote islands. We also managed to do some more diving and sight seeing.

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To - Heinäkuu 29, 2004

Departing Iceland

Norröna just left Iceland and is heading towards Faroen Islands.

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Ke - Heinäkuu 28, 2004

Black day

Today we dived El Grillo in Seydisfjordur and had some (small) hardships. Our Iceland trip is also about to end and we are in a school / summer guest house waiting for Norröna to take us to the Faroen islands.

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We visited one of the most geologically active area in Iceland - Krafla. It is a strange place where one can see clouds rising from the earth and the color of the earth is unreal.

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Kverkfjöll and Askja

On Monday we had long day with travelling through some F-roads to remote sites of Kverkfjöll (ice cave) and Askja.

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Su - Heinäkuu 25, 2004

After dive!

On saturday we did some light trekking and one dive near Olafsfjordur. After diving we had some AD with our host and some local divers. I can still remember the horrible taste and smell of rotten shark! Special thanks to Sigurdur who offered us lodging at his house for three days - the icelanders are a bunch of nice people!

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La - Heinäkuu 24, 2004


Strytan is one of the strangest places we have ever dived. It is a underwater thermal chimney that raises from the depth of 70 meters to 15 meters. You can see and feel the warm water coming out from the top and cracks.

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To - Heinäkuu 22, 2004

Dagen efter in Husafell

Woke up late (TT slept with the barrel) and checked some places near Husafell camping area. On thursday we drove to Olafsfjordur where we met our Dive guide for next dives, David. David also offered us to stay in his home - thanks David!

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Ke - Heinäkuu 21, 2004

More Silfra and Ruusu (Rose)

Dived two more dives in Silfra. It was a cloudy day but Silfra is always great - one of the best dives sites in the world. After diving we moved our camp to Husafell.

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Ma - Heinäkuu 19, 2004

Some more diving in Reykjanes peninsula and Blue lagoon

Did some shore diving in Reykjanes peninsula and relaxed in blue lagoon. Bergur Sigurdsson from was our guide on the surface and in the ocean and provided us internet connection to update this log. Many thanks!

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La - Heinäkuu 17, 2004


Dived the Silfra. We have had trouble with GPRS connections so log updates have been infrequent.

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Image is nothing - experience is everything

Arrived Iceland on thursday. Too many things to see and to do in only a two weeks. Also pictures do not tell the real story about the nature here. I'm getting less and less interested in touching computers and internet so this log will not be updated so often anymore..

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Ke - Heinäkuu 14, 2004

Faroe Islands

Slept most of the day. Visited Faroe Islands shortly - will be back in two weeks for a longer stay.

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